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Nutrition Guide

For those of you with OCD, these stages are not set in stone!  They are meant to help you understand how group of nutrients might help with specific needs.  It's like sorting your utensils rather than having one spoon in every drawer.  Feel free to start, stop, or switch stages as needed.   Slow is better!  Don't start 16 things at once, you won't know what is really helping or what doesn't agree with you.   Some things work better together.  That's where VIGEO can help, with consultations designed to focus on what is the most beneficial to YOU right now, and also later.

You won't be able to digest nutrients very well if your gut health is compromised.  Start here!   

If you don't have any tummy issues, then skip to Stage 2.  

Minerals and Organs have a full complement of everything your body needs in the right ratios.   

Make these lifelong habits.

Toxins can prevent weight loss, cause fatty liver, and interfere with nutrient absorption.  

You might need extra bits of things if you are short on nutrients.  Maybe you have been low on some of them since birth! Take these as you adjust your lifestyle an eating habits to be healthier and to "top up your gas tank", so to speak.   Then go back to Stage 2. 

VIGEO can now make personalized formulas just for you, delivered to your door.  If you don't want to have a whole drawer of bottles, let us do the legwork for you!   Let us help you optimize your Stage 4 Nutrients!  

Peptides can help accelerate healing, weight loss, brain clarity, and more.  You owe it to yourself to explore the marvelous world of peptides.

We all have special needs.  Immunity, cancer, addiction.  Maybe these will help.

Nootropics: You don't "need" these substances but they might help with energy, mood, weight and blood sugar regulation. 

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that won't make you jittery like caffeine.

VIGEO mainly focuses on micronutrients.  But what you eat is important too.  

Your sleep is sacred.  Let's get you a great night's sleep, more consistently.

What athlete doesn't want to be fitter and faster?  VIGEO has a few tricks up our sleeve to help with that.  And no, we don't have that info for free on our website...let us give you an edge in your next race.  

Your DNA mutations + Fortified foods may be causing sleep problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADHD, anxiety, or depression.   

GOOD NEWS!  This is preventable and curable.

If you devour books like we do at VIGEO, then this list is for you.  

We don't provide hormone therapy at VIGEO.   But let's talk about how they interact with nutrition and how they can be synergystic!

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