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Sleep Guide

Sleep is sacred.  It is our time to recharge, detox, cleanse, and wake up refreshed. So many things affect our sleep.   Start with the obvious.  No caffeine after noon.  Cool, dark room.  No electronics. No late dinners. Control your blood sugar so it doesn't crash at 2 am and wake you up.  No cats jumping on your head at 4 am. 
Then experiment with removing Folic Acid, and EMFs in your house.

The biggest effect on sleep is excess Folic Acid in your diet.   Check your protein powders, energy drinks, crackers, cookies, bread, pasta, rice and any other foods with wheat or grains.   If it says ENRICHED or FORTIFIED, then find another brand that is NOT enriched or fortified.   Synthetic Folic Acid is not tolerated by our brains and makes us "tired but wired".    Avoiding Folic Acid for just a couple of days may make a huge improvement in your sleep.

The next thing to improve your sleep is avoiding Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) as much as possible.    There are a lot of EMFs you can't control, but you can control your own WIFI router and the phone in your pocket.   Sleep is sacred, and getting away from EMFs while you sleep is important.  Put your WIFI router on a timer that goes off at night.   Turn your phone on Airplane mode at night, or keep in the other room if you need to be on call.   Try to keep your phone away from your body as much as possible.  Don't use your laptop on you lap, keep it on the table. 

Things that may help with sleep include GABA, Theanine, Melatonin, and CBD.    You shouldn't need this every night but we all have nights we need something extra.

GABA: Trouble falling asleep?  If this is a regular occurrence, you might look at excess caffeine intake, low adrenals, Magnesium insufficiency, or too much Vitamin B as a culprit.   Sleep can be a moving target, and is affected by a multitude of variables.  For the occasional night where I’m awake longer than usual, I get up and take a mix of GABA, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP.   This never fails to put me out within ½ hour.  I might only take this once a month but when I need it, it works.   I say the same thing for the Doc Parsley mix linked below as well.

MELATONIN: Trouble staying asleep?   Do you always wake up at the same time?  If so, check the chart below and make a change.  If you are a restless sleeper, try melatonin.   The nice part about the hormone melatonin is that the body makes it in a positive feedback loop.  This means that if you supplement it, the body does not stop production of melatonin.  This means you can take a large dose without worrying that it will affect a future night’s sleep. 


In Chinese medicine, qi is the energy that flows throughout our organs and creates balance. Each internal part of the body experiences active qi flow at different times during the night:

  • 9 pm to 11 pm: The “triple burner,” or endocrine and lymphatic systems, is active. If these systems are out of balance, you might feel unhappy or depressed. Create a more relaxing bedtime routine so you can wait up feeling refreshed in the morning.

  • 11 pm to 1 am: The gall bladder is active. An imbalance might cause feelings of uncertainty and poor judgement. You may need to avoid alcohol or fatty foods and eat only a light snack before bed.

  • 1 am to 3 am: The liver is busy detoxifying our bodies and processing the emotions of the day. You might feel irritable or experience headaches when awake. If you consistently wake up at this time, you may have had too much alcohol or unhealthy food the night before, or you might be facing unresolved frustrations. Find healthier ways to deal with stress, like breathing exercises and detoxification treatments.

  • 3 am to 5 am: The lungs are active. You may feel sadness or have shallow breathing if your lungs are out of balance. Practice activating the vagus nerve before bed with breathing exercises and take some time to process your emotions with a trusted friend.

  • 5 am to 7 am: The large intestine is active. If it’s out of balance, you may feel defensive or stuck in a situation. If you’re frustrated about waking up before your alarm clock sounds, you may need more fiber or water in your diet so your large intestine can properly eliminate waste.

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