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Client Testimonials

“Dawn has helped me immensely these last few months by educating me on how to best support my body and goals through lifestyle habits, nutrition, and supplementation. She is incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about my health and well-being. It's given me the tools to thrive, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve health and quality of life.”

-Sylvia,  Qualifier, USA Olympic Marathon Trials

Marathon Runners
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"I started with VIGEO in order to make a real change in my weight and overall health. Improving my eating habits and taking supplements/vitamins came first. I got into a fitness routine and saw good changes happening.  VIGEO has not only helped me lose the extra weight I needed, it also helped the way I viewed food. My weight has been able to stabilize, allowing me to now know what my body needs for nutrients. I’m so very grateful to Dawn for helping me see food differently and achieve huge changes in my health."




Tara helped me walk through the thought process for a difficult business meeting.   At the time it was one of the hardest things I had faced up to doing in my life.   We talked through the steps I could take, the choices I had, and my commitment to following through with my decisions.  When I told Tara that I was committed 10 out of 10 to my decision, I knew in my mind that I was capable of doing it.   During the meeting, that commitment stuck with me, and I followed through with action.  The meeting was a success!  


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I’m feeling good and have noticed some great changes so far!


Gym Equipments


"I have lost a hundred pounds in about ten months. I came off my blood pressure medications. I have never felt so good and so healthy. Every pound that I have lost has been thanks to the diet program that Dawn has developed. She has been a great nutritionist, and changed the way I look at food and eat. The way she plans everything out for you makes things so easy to do and follow. The regiment that VIGEO has suggested helped so much. Thanks to Dawn I hope to live a long and happy life!"




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I was diagnosed with bilateral hamstring tendinopathy with a partial thickness tear on the right, right greater trochanteric bursitis, and bilateral gluteus medius minimus tendinopathy. Ouch!! I met with Dawn and Addie and they took an extensive health history and made recommendations to help me dial in my micronutrients. They also recommended BPC-157/TB500 peptides to promote regeneration and repair. I believe the peptides have decreased the pain and are aiding in the healing process.


I sought the advice of many providers and Vigeo Health is the only place where my nutrition was evaluated. The recommendations have been tremendously helpful in my road to recovery. The peptides have given me the ability to continue to run and the belief that I will get back to the same level of performance as before.


There are occasional mornings that I just feel tired — low energy and lethargic.    Dawn gave me some Bromantane to try and it was amazing.   No more strong caffeine shots on those days.    It is a calm but energizing supplement.    I love it!    The other supplement that has helped my allergies immensely is Beef Kidney.   There are no side effects,  the results are noticeable and the quality of my day is improved.     THANK YOU!!


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Since working with Tara and Life Coaching, I have been able to use the tools we discussed when a problem enters my life. I am able to stop and think through an issue before acting.


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Love the new knowledge about proteins and recovery that I am getting. Very powerful!


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Running Athletic Women
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"Dawn's extensive knowledge of health and well-being helped me reorient my training for my ultramarathon.  She simplified nutrition and debunked popular fads in the running communicty that prevented me from thriving.  I am confident in Dawn's expertise based upon her personal research, passion, and experience.  Her philosophy of "less is more" helped me stop running myself into the ground.  After working with Dawn, I found myself stronger, more energetic, and overall happier in my training and daily life.  I would recommend VIGEO Health as a resource for anyone who truly desires to understand on'es nutrition and health."

- Kellie, Ultrarunner and Marathoner

“Dawn has been so helpful with any little question that I have on this nutrition journey.  She has helped me adapt and tweak small things in my lifestyle that have made a big difference.  
I finally feel like I have energy to tackle all of the things!”
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“Dawn has definitely been helpful with healing gut health.  Also helped with recommending Apricot Seeds, Trace Mineral Drops, and an Organ-based Multivitamin”

Nathan, Rock Climber

“In the last three years of working with Dawn, I have lost 30 pounds, stopped using both contacts and reading glasses (because my eyesight improved), and taken an hour off my marathon time.  My energy, sleep, and well-being have all improved noticeably. 
Oh and I'm in my mid 60's!”


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“I'm a rock climber, and injured my fingers to where I couldn't do pocket holds with my middle two fingers anymore.  My doctor told me it was tendonitis and I'd just have to live with it.  After working with Dawn I am back to climbing better than I was before and my pain is gone.”


I just love VIGEO & Dawn. She has helped me get so many better practices in place, including Niacin (better mood & alcohol craving cessation), Iodine (thyroid & hormone support), Magnesium (restless leg syndrome), and Bromatane (peptide for mental sharpness & energy).  Dawn's support through the process of learning so much and making changes has been very helpful.  She has also helped my spouse with pain management of old sports injuries and mood enhancement.  

We are both forever grateful we met her!  


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I feel like everything is working so great.  It's taken away my itchy feet at night.  I have more energy than I've had in 5 years and that makes me more confident and motivated to go to the gym.  I've lost about 8 pounds this month.  Which is amazing considering that I only lost 3 pounds after 12 weeks of heavy dieting and working out before going to VIGEO.  I've been sleeping great.  So I really am enjoying it!  


Tara understands how to improve muscle strength, balance, and physical stamina. Her weekly involvement in competitive runs and obstacle races serves as a model to others, but the qualities that are most endearing are her empathy, positivity, interest, and caring for those she trains.

-Bob M

Mud Race

VIGEO Health helped renew my health journey!  I have used many products and approaches over the years but over time not all of them were serving -- I needed a new direction.  I appreciate the knowledge on how to use products I already had in more effective ways, and enjoyed adding supplements I'd never considered before.  The whole-body approach with gentle and timely suggestions are what moved me on in a great direction and I feel so glad to have experienced the improvement in quality of life as a result!


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