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Athlete Guide

Dawn Westrum

Want to supercharge your next race, or fix a sloshy stomach on your next run? Check out Dawn's blog on her nutrition strategies for racing. 

Still think that carb loading with a big pasta dinner the night before a race is great? Wondering why you are bloated and uncomfortable during your race? Science has moved on from this (carb loading was never quite that simple, anyway), and now there are lots of other options for you to feel better and race faster. 

We can tailor your nutrition, supplements and training to bust through your goals. There are many new options on the market in the last few years, and if you haven't tried a few of them then you are leaving speed on the table.

Contact us for an athlete optimization consultation to see what options you could have available. We charge $160, which includes samples of high-end race fuel, as well as a personalized strategy to make your next race, your best race.  


Combine our basic health consult with our athlete consultation to supercharge your life and your athletic pursuits!  Do both for $320.

Dawn is 45 years old now and racing faster than she ever has. By finally optimizing all her nutrients she is running injury free and accomplishing her goals. Follow her racing blog here: 

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