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Sample Bag for New Clients

We love to give you ideas to try before you buy.  That way you don't end up with a bunch of bottles of things that don't help, don't agree with you, or just wasn't needed in that quantity.   Here's a list of what might be in your sample bag.  VIGEO reserves the right to change, add or take out items without warning.   Approximate value $40

Your lymphatic system doesn't have a circulation system.   Help it along by brushing before bed or before a shower.  See Detox Page for info.

VIGEO's soapbox:  Salt is not a condiment!   You need it for detox, weight management, and energy.  Sodium needs to be balanced with Potassium, and you need 2x as much potassium as sodium.   Most electrolyte brands get this backward.  We recommend Dr. Berg's Electrolytes, in powder or packets, multiple flavors.

Bromantane was developed in Russia in the 1980's to help their soldiers last longer under more extreme conditions.   Use it in the morning to get a subtle energy boost that lasts up to 11 hours.  Put the whole dose under your tongue and hold for several minutes.  It's tasteless and will help you get more done without relying on caffeine or other stimulants.   Love it?  The VIGEO shop carries bromantane!

BPC-157 is made in the gut and helps with IBS, food intolerance, bloating, digestion, autoimmune reactions, and other digestive issues.  Along with Colostrum and Enzymes, it can be a game changer for adding foods back into your diet and calming IBS.  Some clients swear that it helps with alcohol and hangovers as well.   Our most popular product!

It's hard to remember what you had for dinner yesterday, much less when you started your latest supplement or health hack.  Write down your health symptoms at the beginning of the notebook.  All of them.  Then annotate when you start something new.  Come back occasionally and look at your list of issues and see what is improving!  

Turpentine and Sugar can help with candida, sugar cravings, and parasites.  Start slow. 

Find more info in our nutrition guide, including an ebook!  

Got arthritis, low Vitamin D levels, or low magnesium?  Boron the element may help with this!   20 Mule Team Borax is 99.9% Boron, and a lifetime supply, lol.   Work up slowly to taking 1/8-1/4 teaspoon in a big glass of water daily to see if you notice a change.   This may be illegal to buy in some countries, because it works too well and takes away from the drug market, so if you are outside the USA you may need to get creative to find this. 

Love your liver, and give it a spring cleaning.  More info here:

Hydrogen is the lightest molecule on earth, and has the fastest reaction time of any chemical reaction.   This one electron can zoom from one end of your body to the other a million times a second.   If voltage is a measure of health, then free electrons make our body voltage rise, promoting health and discouraging disease.   Drop a tablet in 8 ounces of water and drink after the tablet floats to the top.  Get the version with Chromium if you are struggling with blood sugar control. Buy it here:

We have a $20 Amazon gift card for referring new clients to VIGEO.   Get your friends and family healthier too, and earn some $$!

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