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DNA Mutations and Methylation Part 5


The symptoms of gene mutations MTR and MTRR are related.  People with the MTR mutation have an impaired ability to metabolize homocysteine and convert to methionine.  Methionine is the amino acid starting point for every building block in the body to make proteins.   A buildup/excess of homocysteine in the body causes inflammation.   Excess homocysteine irritates the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, which makes them inflamed and swollen.  This lowers the internal size of the blood vessels, which leads to high blood pressure (Hyperhomocystenemia).   A deficiency of Pyridoxine B6 and Methylated B12 will exacerbate this.  MTRR regenerates B12 to be used again.

Symptoms of MTR mutation:  

1.       High Blood Pressure

2.       Inflammation

3.       Untreated high blood pressure

may lead to high levels of depression and anxiety.

4.       Fat accumulation

5.       Cardiac problems

6.       Fatty Liver

What to Avoid:  Folic Acid and Enriched/Fortified Foods

What supplements might help?   

1.       TMG (Tri-methyl-Glycine):  Helps convert homocysteine to methionine and can lower blood pressure.

2.       Methylated B Vitamins

3.       Extra B12

Want to learn more? 

Gary Brecka discusses MTR/MTRR in this episode:

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