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DNA Mutations and Methylation Part 2

How to test your DNA

Let’s break down how to read a DNA test.  If you’ve gotten a DNA test from Ancestry or 23andMe, you can download your raw data from their websites in the form of a .txt file.  If you don’t have a DNA report yet, then this is a good place to start.  You can also choose to go by symptoms and not test, that’s fine too!

You can then upload your raw data into Genetic Genie Methylation panelPLEASE, consider making a donation if you do, to keep this service free to everyone.  It’s the best report I’ve found in ease of understanding.  Some companies charge up to $600 for this test! 

Understanding the Symbols:  If you have 2 Normal Genes, it will show as a +/+. If you have a mutation from just one parent, this is called Heterozygous and will read as a +/-. If you have mutations from both parents, it’s called Homozygous and it will read -/-. Here’s a couple of sample reports.

Sometimes some genes are missing so nothing will be reported.   The quality of your original DNA analysis may affect this.  

Bottom Line:   Most people have at least 1 or more mutations of their methylation pathway.


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