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DNA Mutations and Methylation Part 4


Let’s talk about the mutation COMT.   COMT down regulates Fight or Flight neurotransmitters, which are known as catecholamines.   Without the methylated forms of B Vitamins, the body cannot code for the enzyme to break down these raw materials.

Symptoms of COMT mutation:  

1.       Estrogen metabolism impaired.  May have mild abdominal band or extra weight in abdomen. Inability to clear estrogen causes water retention.

2.       Mind wakes up when you go to bed and your body is tired.   Environment quiets and your mind comes alive.

3.       Perfectionism, OCD, very organized.  Assume the worst about everything.  When we lack organization in the mind, we crave it in the rest of our life.

4.       People with COMT mutations are successful entrepreneurs but hate to be micromanaged.  Reliable and thorough. You want this person on your team!

5.       Sensitivity to texture and sound. 

6.       People can be overwhelming.

7.       Fatigue

8.       Addiction

9.       Bipolar

COMT genotypes can be divided into Warrior and Worrier subgroups.  

What to AVOID if you suspect a COMT mutation:  Quercitin, Green Tea, Elderberry, Folic Acid and Enriched/Fortified Foods. Avoid B12 forms Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin. 

Look for a B12 form with Hydroxycobalamin or Adenosilcobalamin. 

What supplements might help?   

1.       Methylfolate and other methylated B vitamins.  

2.       TMG (Tri-methyl-Glycine):  Helps convert homocysteine to methionine and can lower blood pressure.

3.       DIM: Helps clear excess estrogen.

4.       Melatonin, GABA, Magnesium, Theanine and 5-methyfolate at night to help with sleep. 

5.       SAM-e:  If you fall in the Worrier subgroup this may be helpful.  Please listen to this podcast before trying, SAMe doesn’t work for everyone.  

Want to learn more? 

This website does a great job of explaining COMT:


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