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Peptide Spotlight: GHK-Cu

Help for everything related to skin health

Primary Benefit:  GHK-Cu is almost considered a peptide Bio-Regulator, which is high praise from those who study peptides. The BEST peptide for all healing effects, including help for acne, thinning hair, thinning skin, arthritis, wound healing, scar healing, and UV damage. Helps with skin elasticity and collagen production.  It binds to DNA to turn on/off genes in healing.   It has an impact on thousands upon thousands of genes so it can be a powerful regulator.   One peptide guru called this the SHAM-WOW! of peptides…for those who are old enough to remember that commercial!  


  • Probably best peptide for all healing effects

  • Heals old scars

  • Helps with arthritis

  • Helps with pulmonary fibrosis

  • Wound healing

  • Hair growth, prevent and correct hair loss

  • Liver function

  • Anti-cancer – specifically colon cancer

  • Stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan in skin fibroblasts

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain

  • Heal nerves and reduce certain types of nerve pain

Skin Benefits:

  • Tightens loose skin

  • Reverses thinning of skin

  • Improves firmness

  • Improves elasticity

  • Reduces photodamage and hyper pigmentation

  • Reduces skin spots and lesions

  • Protects from UV damage

  • Improves skin elasticity by increasing collagen levels by up to 70%

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 35%

Dosing: Vial contains up to 100 doses.


Dosage: Once daily for several months to a year.

Optional Dosage: Hourly up to 10x a day for several days.   With a short half-life of 1 hour, this is the equivalent of injecting 100-200 mg at once.   You can use an insulin pump to do .5mg an hour for 20 hours a day if you have access this this option.  

Topical Dosage:  Derma Roller +Skin Crème with GHK-Cu and Methylene Blue.  Is not as powerful when applied topically compared to injections.  Consider pairing with DMSO to drive it deeper into your skin.

Side Effects: Has a great safety profile!  Itching, burning, tingling, redness, raised bumps, bruising at injection site.  This is due to the copper (Cu) part of the peptide which makes the liquid in the vial a brilliant blue.   This effect tends to fade after the first few injections and is annoying but not horrible.

Description: GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring copper complex found in human plasma, saliva, and urine. It has many roles in the body, including promoting recovery. It seems to act as an anti-inflammatory agent that controls oxidative damage post- tissue injury.  It also helps with signaling tissue remodeling and the generation of new, healthy tissue.

GHK-Cu helps to keep you young and supple in several ways. Promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration (skin, hair follicles, stomach, bone tissue).  Increases collagen and glycosaminoglycans, promotes blood vessel growth, possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and much more.

Want to learn more?    Research Study: Regenerative and Protective Actions of the GHK-Cu Peptide in the Light of the New Gene Data


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