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DNA Mutations and Methylation Part 7


Thanks for sticking with this series!   Almost every single person may be affected in some way by the excess of folic acid in our diets. At a recent health and biohacking conference, Dawn talked to an employee at 10x Health, which does a lot of DNA tests to check for just these mutations. That employee said he’d probably seen over 1000 DNA test results, and every person tested had at least one of these mutations, and usually more than one.

This wasn’t a problem before 1993, when the government started mandating synthetic folic acid in foods. In fact, we didn’t realize the implications of this until 2001, when the Human Genome project finished sequencing human DNA and made results and testing available to all of us.

What can you do?   VOTE WITH YOUR POCKETBOOK. Check labels, and buy products that are not fortified or enriched with folic acid. You and your family will start to feel better in a myriad of ways.

Here’s a few graphs, which may be correlated with synthetic fortification of our food supply.  

Bottom Line:  Try cutting out the foods and drinks which might be affecting you. In a week you will see your sleep improve. In a month or more, you might see other markers of health start to improve as well. What do you have to lose?


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