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Are Collagen Peptides the same as the peptides that VIGEO discusses?

The short answer to this question is NO. Meat is full of peptides, as well as your whey protein, or any food that contains protein. The word “peptide” describes a chain of amino acids, which is a short section of a longer protein. Peptides are not inherently good or bad, and there are thousands of peptides in proteins.

Collagen peptides are broken down into amino acids in the stomach.

So yes you have all the building blocks of the collagen.


BUT, your body has to put them all back together in the right sequence to make that peptide or protein.

IF it chooses to do so.

Some peptides are capable of doing specific jobs in the body which benefit us. Those are the peptides that we have chosen to study, replicate and produce as products.

The peptides we focus on are different in two ways. 

First: The Bio-Regulator peptides are so short (3 sequences of amino acids or less) that they CAN be taken orally. They are not broken down further in the stomach. They then migrate to the part of the body that they are targeting. Peptides in this category may include KPV, BPC-157, PEA, Larazotide, and all the organ Bio-Regulators.

Second: When longer sequences of peptides are injected, they bypass the digestive system and the stomach. So they are not broken down, and they can go directly to where they are needed. That’s why injection can be such a powerful method of healing.


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