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Vitamin D and Sunshine

Are you planning a beach vacation over spring break?

Three things to consider:

  1. Monitor your daily sunshine using an App! D-minder takes your clothing, skin color and location into account. It tells you how many hours of the day that Vitamin D is available, and how long you can safely stay out in the sunshine! 

  1. Bring along a bottle of Lavender essential oil to sooth burns. Use liberally.  Buy lavender from a reputable vendor, as there is more lavender oil sold than produced every year…so some of it is fake.

  1. Use the peptide Melanotan 1 once or twice a week over the spring and summer to avoid tan lines and burns! Melanotan 1 increases melanin and decreases your need for sunblock. It also helps with a whole body tan (even if some places never see sunshine!). One vial may last you most of a season. Use more if you want to prep your winter white skin for a warm escape.

Melanotan 1
Download PDF • 6.71MB

VIGEO sees a lot of Oligoscan results with low Vitamin D. Most of us need more time in the sun, not less. Learn how to expose your skin safely and get Vitamin D naturally, rather than with supplements.

Bottom Line?   Don’t be that person slathering yourself with toxins (aka Sunblock) at 5 pm. By then you are in no danger at all.


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