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Should You Drink Water With Meals?

Did you know that your stomach is so acidic that it would burn your skin? Many people have insufficient stomach acid, rather than too much. This is why we often recommend Betaine HCL Pepsin, rather than antacids or acid blockers, for heartburn or acid reflux.  This helps increase stomach acid and get food to digest more quickly.

In that theme, let’s talk about drinking water or liquids with meals.  In short, it’s better if you don’t!   This is because liquid dilutes the acid, lowering the pH, making your meal digest slowly.  We want food to get in and out of your stomach quickly. 

So when should you drink liquids?   Drinking a glass of water 10-30 minutes before a meal can help you feel more full.  The liquid absorbs before the food hits the stomach, so acidity is preserved.   You can also wait until 30 minutes after a meal to give it time to begin digesting. 

Thirsty during a meal? Sip on water, of course!  Just try not to drink multiple glasses of it at every meal.  Especially if you have trouble with digestion, heartburn, bloating, or acid reflux.


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