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Metabolic Syndrome

Do you have any of the following risk factors?

1.HbA1c is elevated (high blood sugar)

2.High Blood Pressure


3.High LDL Cholesterol and/or Low HDL Cholesterol

4.Abdominal Fat (pear or apple shaped)

Metabolic syndrome puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other preventable diseases. Key Word: PREVENTABLE!   You were not born destined to die of metabolic disease. You can reverse it.

What can you do to mitigate YOUR risks?

  1. Investigate your DNA.  Over 44% of the population have mutations in their genes which may affect the ability to regulate Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

  2. Cut back or eliminate excess sugar and carbs. Sugary drinks in particular can wreak havoc on your insulin and blood sugar levels.

  3. Give your body more raw materials to fix itself.  Yep, micronutrients like chromium, iodine, copper, and other elements on the periodic table!  

  4. Choose quality ingredients. Every food seems to be fortified these days. But are the extra ingredients making you feel worse? B vitamins specifically? Next weeks’ newsletter will talk about which versions to look for.

  5. Use free stuff!  Sunlight, earthing and cold are all free materials that we can use to help our bodies be healthy. Go outside, sit in the sun, and walk on the grass.

VIGEO Health can help you identify your risks, and then mitigate them with the right raw materials and life choices.   

Want to learn more? Listen to how Dana White (CEO of the UFC) overcame metabolic syndrome with DNA expert Gary Brecka.


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