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Why don’t we do lab testing at VIGEO?

Our recommendations at VIGEO are based on a comprehensive health history and your symptoms.   Our conclusions are based on average needs for your gender and age, along with your specific health issues.   We also use a non-invasive mineral scan called Oligoscan.  It measures current levels of minerals, heavy metals, and vitamins. Learn more about the Oligoscan here:

What CAN you test for in blood?  

Lab testing values for blood are NOT accurate for magnesium and other common deficiencies.  That’s why we don’t use them.  Often, doctor’s offices will only recommend the supplements that they can use a blood test to check.

Vitamin D:  If you don’t spend much time in the sun or have darker than average skin, then you might need extra Vitamin D.  Go ahead, get the test!

Omega-3:  If you have a lot of inflammation, Omega-3 supplements may be valuable for you.   We recommend Fatty 15, an essential fatty acid which doesn’t smell, go rancid, or give you fish burps.

Selenium:  It’s important to get enough selenium, but too much isn’t good either. We recommend either taking kidney supplements (if you have allergies), which has a lot of selenium, or getting it from an organ supplement or organ meats.

Iron and Ferritin:  Are you constantly fatigued? Lose a lot of blood from your menstrual cycle? An athlete training hard yet getting slower over time? You may be short of copper.  Copper helps iron distribute itself better in the body. Ferritin is a check of stored iron, and serum iron shows how many red blood cells you have.  Both are useful points of data, and you shouldn’t supplement with ferritin unless a blood test first shows that you need it.  Even then, copper may be a better choice as iron can be constipating and hard to digest.

What about Urine? 

You can test for iodine using a 24-hour hour urine collection kit.   You take a 50mg tablet of iodine in the morning, and then collect all your urine for 24 hours.  Sending in a sample of the liquid tells you how much of the 50 mg you absorbed.  We have done this testing on a range of ages, abilities and genders. The data shows that we as a society are mostly low in iodine.  If you want to take the test, we would love to see your results!  You can order one here:

What about allergy testing?  

Food sensitivities are often caused by leaky gut.  You become sensitive to the foods you eat often, because they are “leaking” through your gut into your body.  Our specialty is fixing the gut, so that your sensitivities become less, or go away altogether.   Then you don’t need the testing, you feel better, and you have more foods back on your plate! 

Other than that, testing for much of what we recommend is either wildly inaccurate, or wildly expensive. We choose to go by symptoms and the Oligoscan!  


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