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Vitamin B17

In the remote regions of the Himalaya Mountains is a tribe called the Hunza.   A man’s wealth in that tribe is measured by how many apricot trees he owns.  And the most prized part of the fruit is the tiny seed inside the pit.  The rate of cancer in the Hunza people is ZERO.

Inside the apricot pit is a substance called Vitamin B17. B17 is also known as Nitriloside and Amygdalin. When the B17 is isolated and concentrated for cancer therapy, it is called Laetrile. B17 is found in the pits of fruits including apricot, apple, cherries, peaches and plums; as well as lima beans, sorghum, and clover. You should eat only as many apricot seeds in a day as you would eat the actual fruit.  3-5 apricot seeds per day is reasonable.  Here’s a link to buy them:

The B17 molecule contains glucose, cyanide, and benzaldehyde.  The molecule is tightly joined together and can only be unlocked with beta glucosidase. Cancer cells have 3000 times as much beta glucosidase as other cells.  Hence, the cyanide molecule in B17 is only unlocked in the presence of the cancer cell.  Non-cancer cells have an enzyme called Rhodenase which neutralizes the cyanide into non-harmful byproducts. 

Vitamin B17 was first isolated in 1950, and it has been used widely as an anti-cancer drug around the world. Foods containing B17 have been valued for their health properties since Roman times, if not before. B17 may also help with high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, asthma, immunity, gastrointestinal issues, and tooth decay. 

How well does B17 work to cure cancer compared to orthodox cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy, surgery)?  In one study:

Advanced Cancer:  B17 helped 15% be cancer free, compared to one-tenth of a percent for orthodox treatments! 

Early Detection: B17 helped 80% be cancer free, compared to 15% for orthodox treatments. 

Presently Healthy: B17 helped 100% stay cancer free, compared to 84% using other methods. In fact not ONE of the people in the study taking B17 was ever known to get cancer.

Many attempts have been made to discredit B17, as it disrupts the cancer industry. As of 2022, over 2 million people a year in the USA get a cancer diagnosis, and over 600,000 people die of cancer every year. Cutting, burning and poisoning (also known as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy) is big business. Information on B17 is being suppressed and videos like this one are hard to find using traditional search engines. Falsified cyanide scares and other reports have been modified to tell half-truths and outright lies. Dr. Ian McDonald wrote a report in 1953 which falsely discredited B17, and was also infamous for stating “A pack of cigarettes a day keeps lung cancer away.”

We have a video on our website which explains more about B17.  It’s worth watching to get an overview of B17 and how it works to battle cancer cells.

(Scroll down to the B17 section to watch the video)

If you know someone who is battling cancer, please forward this blog to them.  


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