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Upgrade Labs

How to Lower Your Inflammation, Boost Recovery and Get In Shape Faster at Upgrade Labs

Hopefully VIGEO Health is helping you optimize your nutrients!   In general, this should help you: Feel better, Have more energy, Lose weight (if needed), Sleep deeper, and Wake up refreshed


If so, you may be wondering what’s next?  What do you do with more energy?  How do you optimize your life along with your nutrients? How do you get/stay in shape?

That’s where some interesting technology might be worth checking out.  Upgrade Labs is in Riverton, Utah.   This Lab is the brainchild of Dave Asprey.  A former overweight, overworked, unhealthy CEO, Dave decided to turn his life around.  He now dedicates his efforts to living a long, healthy life and to helping others do the same.   Hmmm…that kind of sounds like VIGEO! 

Here's some of the things that are offered at Upgrade Labs. They offer a free tour and the chance to try out some of these things during your tour…I highly recommend that you stop by and check them out. 

Heal bones, injuries, and inflammation faster with PEMF

Slim down, clear toxins, and boost immunity by using THE BIG SQUEEZE

Boost your metabolism and immunity, plus improve your sleep with CRYOTHERAPY

Upgrade your brain and focus with NEUROTHERAPY

Use the OXYGEN TRAINER to boost mitochondria, recovery and vitality

Lay in the RED CHARGER for recovery, collagen production, and decrease inflammation. 

Get a full body strength workout in just 10 minutes on the CHEAT MACHINE

Do your cardio in just 20 minutes on the AI ADAPTIVE BIKE…without breaking a sweat

Stand on the VIBRATION PLATE to make every muscle in your body get a move on

Want to be in shape but don’t have time for hours in the gym and chronic cardio? It sounds too good to be true, but exercises with the adaptive machines listed above quickly stress our body. It’s all the benefits of a full workout in a fraction of the time.  With these adaptive machines, you can safely increase your strength by asking a lot of your body in very short bursts. It will then adapt and get stronger.  1-2 workouts a week are more than enough! 

Dawn has been using a version of these machines (in a low tech way) for a while and has seen great strength gains.  She also already owns a lot of these other toys as well…the technology really does work.

Want to Learn More? Do these machines live up to the outrageous claims that I’m making about them?

Check out Dave Asprey’s latest book: Smarter, Not Harder.  

Want to see for yourself?  Schedule a tour at Upgrade Labs by visiting their website or giving them a call.


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