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Sugar Alternatives Which LOWER Blood Sugar?

Sugar can be insidious. It creeps into our drinks, our yogurt, even our salad dressings.   High sugar intake is the basic reason why so many people are overweight and struggling with Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease.  Here’s a few alternatives.

Allulose is 75% as sweet as sugar and can be used 1:1 in recipes or desserts which require baking.  It has almost the same chemical structure as sugar, but it actually LOWERS blood sugar rather than raising it. This fact makes Allulose a fabulous alternative when cooking at home.   Try a cheesecake recipe using Allulose and enjoy it guilt free!   If you want your recipes a bit sweeter, try adding a little pure Monk Fruit as well.  Allulose is sometimes available in grocery stores.


Monk Fruit is incredibly sweet in very small doses.  It is often combined with erythritol, but that can leave a fake chemical aftertaste.  Try getting the pure monk fruit, which contains 400 doses in a small bag, so it lasts a long time.  Great for sweetening beverages, or use in baking along with allulose.


Stevia is a plant which has a very sweet leaf.  Grow it yourself if you want and add the leaves to smoothies!  You can also get it in liquid or powder form, where a few drops go a long way.  I use the liquid version and vanilla to flavor my plain Greek yogurt.  The next time you are in the dairy aisle, check some labels. See just how much sugar is added to every flavor of yogurt except the unflavored version!  Then do it yourself at home.   Stevia doesn’t do well in baking, it’s best if you choose something else to sweeten cookies or other baked desserts.


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