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Reversing Hair Loss and Grey Hair

YES, it is possible to reverse both hair loss and greying hair! Of course, this will be harder to do when you are 70 as opposed to when you are 20. Hair issues are just another side effect of mineral deficiencies, and there may be something you can do about it.

Read till the end for a complete system for hair growth and gray hair reversal!

Women can lose their hair starting in their mid 30’s to 40s due to hormonal imbalances as they go through perimenopause.  Hair loss can also be from stress, medications, and viral infections, which shorten the hair growth cycle, and deplete minerals. Hair loss can happen 6-8 weeks after an event, so it can be hard to define the cause. Some women are more susceptible, as they have more active receptors in the scalp for DHT (converts from Testosterone).  If there is no underlying hormonal cause, hair will start to grow back some time later. 

Conventional hair loss drugs like Rogaine don’t work as well for women, and can be smelly and sticky in hair, too.  They absolutely shouldn’t be used if you ever want to get pregnant.

Getting enough protein in the diet can help reverse hair loss, and is important if you are using weight loss peptides.  Balancing your hormones, thyroid and mineral levels can help reduce hair loss, too.  Want to check your mineral levels and stop guessing what you might need?  VIGEO can now check intracellular mineral levels with the non-invasive Oligoscan. Get instant results from an Oligoscan and save money by taking just the minerals you need!

Grey hair can be caused by an excess of hydrogen peroxide, along with high stress levels.  To reduce hydrogen peroxide, you want to improve catalase and glutathione levels in your mitochondria.  Antioxidants and Essential Amino Acids can help with this, along with appropriate minerals.

Faraz Khan at Fully Vital went through his own hair loss journey as a young man. He now spends his life researching what causes and reverses hair loss, in both men and women.   He uses a combination of a supplement, cream, derma roller, and hair brushing to successfully regrow hair in people of all ages.

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He has a 4-month no questions asked money back guarantee!  

Fully Vital recommends you brush your hair and head 200 times every night, and then apply the serum. Twice a week, use the Derma Roller and apply the serum. DermaRollers (micro needling) can drive product deeper into your scalp, and help regrow hair over scars. Stick with it for at least 2-3 months to see new hair start to regrow. 

Want to learn more? Karen Martel’s podcasts with Faraz Khan are very informative. 


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