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Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you have fibrocystic breasts? Dry skin? Cold Hands? Low energy? Brain Fog? Constipation? Unusual sleep cycles?

You may be critically short of iodine.  

Iodine is very important to the Thyroid gland as well as the stomach and reproductive organs.  If you are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism) it’s likely that a shortage of iodine is causing these issues.  

Iodine deficiency can include constipation, low energy, cold hands and feet, skin issues and a multitude of other symptoms (there are lists in the links below). In our toxic world, Bromine, Chlorine and Fluoride can stand in for Iodine (they are all Halides in the Periodic Table). and when this happens your hormones won’t function correctly.  

Tread carefully but don’t be afraid.  Large doses of iodine may cause temporary goiter symptoms as the Thyroid quickly expands to soak in Iodine and get rid of Bromine (like a dry sponge soaking up water).   It is recommended to start companion supplements a week before iodine to help chelate Bromine from the body, including Vitamin C, Selenium, Copper, Magnesium, Methylated B Complex, and Salt.  Take Iodine supplements in the morning away from food and other supplements.

Lugols Liquid Iodine 1 drop is 2.5 mg

Iodoral Iodine Tablets - vary in dosage from 12-50 mg

Yes, these supplements have 100x the RDA of iodine in them.  The RDA was written just to prevent goiter… we want to optimize our health, not just be barely alive!  

The body can hold 1500 mg of Iodine at a time, and Japanese women (who have the lowest incidence of recorded thyroid problems) get 12 mg a day on average. Correcting a hypothyroid deficiency may also help with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.   If you take blood pressure meds, as you supplement with iodine, monitor and ask your doctor if your prescription should be lowered.


What about iodized salt?  Iodized salt has iodine measured in mcg (micrograms). You probably need mg (milligrams). Plus table salt is highly processed with all the other minerals removed. Skip it, get Redmond’s salt, and take your Iodine separately.


How long does it take see changes? You might have more energy, less brain fog, and better skin within just a week! But don’t stop taking iodine…it can take a year to give your body all the iodine it needs.

Dawn tested this several times with a 24 Hour Urine Collection Kit from Hakala Labs.

After a month of high dose Iodine, in July 2022, Dawn was was 27% low on Iodine.

After 7 months of taking Iodine, in Jan 2023, Dawn was still 22% low!

Want to learn more? 

Example Dosing Protocol:


In this podcast, Dr. Brownstein states that 75% of the blood tests of his new patients indicated they needed Thyroid hormones.  Yet when he tested them for Iodine deficiency, 96% of his patients were severely low on iodine. When he had them supplement with iodine, some of those patients no longer needed Thyroid hormones.  


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