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Fulvic and Humic Acid (Trace Minerals)

DIS-ease, on some level, is just a symptom caused by a missing substance in our body. By some accounts, 97% of humans are missing something. If we can correct these deficiencies, then our side effects of DIS-ease go away.

There are 91 minerals found in the human body.

And if you had 91 bottles of “things” in your supplement drawer, you would need to be a chemist and do a lot of testing on yourself to get this balance right!  

Because some minerals we need a lot of, and some just a “trace”.

Humic and Fulvic Acids are decomposed components of organic matter that make up our soil. We, as well as our pets and plants, can benefit from a balanced source of minerals in our diet. Learn more here:

BEAM Minerals has two great products that help restore your minerals balance. Best news? They taste like water.  I’ve tasted some really strong and nasty mineral products, so this is pretty refreshing.

Ionic Trace Minerals are also a great option, and the price point is lower.

Taste is very strong!

Want to learn more? 

What is Humate?

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