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Forever Dog

It’s no secret to most humans that they should be eating fresh, unprocessed foods as part of a healthy life.  What about our pets? We love them and we want them to have a great life too! 

So why do we feed them 100% processed foods in the form of dry kibble?  Dogs are now dying of preventable diseases at a rate that’s faster than any human statistics.  This is something you have control over. You can help your pet remain healthy, energetic, and happy longer. Make sure they get good exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and a better diet.  We suggest feeding them a raw diet, adding some raw food to their kibble, or at a minimum giving them some doggy vitamins.

If you want to learn more about caring for your beloved pet, check out a Ben Greenfield Podcast with Karen Becker.  She is well spoken, and her book is good too.  

Perhaps you will be inspired to take your dog for a“sniff-ari” today!


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