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Do You Poop Every Day?

At the risk of being graphic, at VIGEO we care about your bathroom habits. We want you to have normal bowel movements. We know how uncomfortable it is to live at the extremes.

Diarrhea can be dehydrating, embarrassing and messy. When this happens, you lose valuable nutrients that your body needs.

Constipation can be uncomfortable, too. When too much waste is stuck in our colon, the body removes water to make more space to fit it all. This results in re-uptake of toxins, hemorrhoids can occur, or pockets in our large intestine. Not Recommended!

Bristol Stool Chart

Strategies to become “Normal”

For Constipation, you can use Vitamin C to regulate your bowels. It’s an amazing molecule anyway! Get a big bottle at Costco. Start with a gram or two of Vitamin C in the evening. If that’s not enough, then keep adding more every day until you are regular. Pay attention to your food and switch it up if needed. Pasta, bread, and other wheat-based meals can be very constipating, so you might learn you need a couple of extra grams of Vitamin C on those days. Sometimes lots of fiber is also constipating, so don’t assume a big salad will help you out here. Don’t give up until you start going every day…it’s that important!

For Diarrhea, the story is more complicated. If you have food sensitivities, try to boost your gut health by adding Oral BPC-157 and Colostrum. If you are missing your gallbladder, add some Ox Bile before meals to help digest fats. If you are nervous or stressed, some helpful tools can be prayer, meditation, a good friend to talk to, or a calm space. You might also try Diatomaceous Earth which can help regulate bowl movements and clean out the colon.

If you are inconsistent and sometime alternate between diarrhea and constipation, you may have liver and gallbladder stones (even/especially if you have had your gallbladder removed). In this case we suggest doing a liver cleanse.

This is a great book with directions and education:  The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Here’s a podcast that’s short and sweet:


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