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DEXA Scans

Let’s look under the hood, and see what’s really going on in our body. We can accurately do this with a DEXA Scan. It measures Bone Density, Lean Tissue and Fat Tissue very accurately.

Here’s a history of Dawn’s DEXA Scans over the last 6 years. While her weight stayed within a 10 pound range, in 2018 she would describe her results as being “skinny fat”. Since then, by optimizing her nutrients, she has lost over 5% body fat, while gaining 4 pounds of lean tissue.

This is not information that the scale in your bathroom can tell you.   If your scale isn’t changing, but your clothes are fitting differently, then consider looking under the hood.  Tracking your changes over months and years can let you know if you are headed in the right direction.  

Interested in trying this?   There are DEXA scans available near you, even mobile units!


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