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Client Spotlight: Sally

Do you have a success story? Want to be featured in a VIGEO Client Spotlight?  Just reply to this email and we will set up a time to meet with you and write YOUR story!  Receive a free follow-up consult ($75 Value) as thanks!  

At 74, Sally has always been active on her farm. She raises a garden, sews quilts for her church, collects seeds to promote wild prairie areas, and searches for mushrooms out on steep timber hillsides.  

About 5 years ago, her family noticed that Sally was repeating herself a little more than usual.  Since then, she has added bioidentical hormones, peptides, and an array of other nutrients.  She has noticed better brain clarity, stabilized weight, and a reduction in allergies.  

She wants the best for her family, too!  Sally adds liquid and powders to her soups and stews to help with everyone’s health. These include trace minerals, iodine, copper and a mushroom blend. She is also careful to provide balanced options for each meal, by always including a meat, vegetable, and fruit. When her grandkids come over to eat, their treat after dinner are gummy vitamins and chewable vitamin C.  

She has also used the peptide CHK-Cu to help with thinning skin and increase collagen production.

Want to see these results in your own life? Schedule a health consult with VIGEO and work with us to create a long term plan for you. We know it will make a difference!


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Do you have a success story? Want to be featured in a VIGEO Client Spotlight?  Send a message to


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