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Client Spotlight: Jim

Do you have a success story? Want to be featured in a VIGEO Client Spotlight?  Just reply to this email and we will set up a time to meet with you and write YOUR story!  Receive a free follow-up consult ($75 Value) as thanks!  

Jim is a 67-year-old man who has lost 35 pounds in the last 3 years while working with VIGEO. He had always been a recreational runner but saw his weight rise to about 196 pounds at age 50.  In the last 4 years, Jim has optimized his nutrients, hormones, peptides, lifestyle, habits and eating patterns.   The extra weight slowly and steadily continues to drop.   

Along with the weight loss has come better physical and mental energy, deeper sleep, and an increased motivation to stick with his training goals.  As a runner in his mid 60’s, Jim makes realistic athletic goals and prioritizes recovery.  He runs 1-2x a week, and strength trains 1-2x a week.  He also incorporates massage, foam rolling, and stretching.  To lose weight, he has alternated between intermittent fasting, low-carb eating, and weight-loss peptides.  

The most surprising change was his eyesight. Jim used to wear contacts for distance and reading glasses for near vision. When one of his contacts bothered him a few years ago, Jim took it out and didn’t replace it.   Suddenly his vision seemed better, and he realized he didn’t need that contact anymore. The same thing happened with his other eye a short time later. Then he didn’t need reading glasses either! His eye doctor was astounded.

Jim recently had a Telomere test with Elysium Health.  While his Chronological Age is 67, his Biological Age tested at 55!   He has been working to decrease this by using BioRegulator Peptides like Epithalon, as well as targeted supplements.

His running results tell the story of his success.  Jim has done the Crimson Canyon 25k race for four years in a row now.  It’s a steep, technical trail in the mountains near Richfield UT, with over 3000 feet of elevation change. 

Crimson Canyon 25k Results

2020: 4:40 45th place

2021: 3:36 18th place

2022: 3:25 12th place

2023: 3:15 10th place

Want to see these results in your own life?   Schedule a health consult with VIGEO and work with us to create a long term plan for you.  We know it will make a difference!

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