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Peptide Spotlight: Melanotan 1

The Tanning Peptide

Primary Benefit: Provides UV protection, increases tanning and provides a more uniform tan. Boosts theta waves in the brain. Helps with many skin conditions.

Benefits:  Can dramatically expand your conscious awareness, enhances theta waves and helps with meditation or prayer.  UV protection means you are less likely to burn while using Melanotan 1. Gives a darker yet more uniform skin tan. Significant tanning of the forehead, arms, and neck was noted following the tanning dose. This effect peaked at 1 week following administration but was still present 3 weeks after completing the regimen. May be effective for treating vitiligo.  Can help treat Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP). Shows potential in treating acne, Hailey-Hailey disease, solar urticaria, and more. May be protective against neuroinflammation (i.e. chronic inflammation in the brain). Currently under investigation for regenerating DNA of skin exposed to ultraviolet (UV) damage.   Effective with autoimmune conditions.   A positive side effect of sexual stimulation can be seen, especially at higher doses. Although this effect is more apparent with Melanotan 2.  

Dawn’s Experience:   Dawn used Melanotan 1 from May - July about 2 x a week. During that time, she used very little sunblock, even while playing golf and long sun exposure. She didn’t have the usual tan lines, but more of a consistent tan.  Her acne also cleared up. After stopping GHK-Cu in mid-September, she easily sunburned, lines became more apparent and acne reappeared.

Doses: 18-40 doses per vial depending on usage.   


UV Resistance, Enhancing Consciousness:

1-2x week, safe year-round (40 doses in a vial). Share with a friend! 

Immunity and help with Autoimmune Conditions: 

 Daily for 6-8 weeks (40 doses in a vial).


 2x day for 1 week starting 10 days before a winter vacation (18 doses in a vial).

Side Effects: Generally minor. Skin darkening, moles, freckles, nausea, vomiting, flushing, yawning (effects fade after stopping use), possible nausea and diarrhea at higher doses.  Do not use if there is a personal or family history of melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer. Melanocortin’s may increase blood pressure. It is NOT recommended to use a melanocortin agonist concurrently with a PDE5 inhibitor in men due to risk of priapism. 

Description: Melanotan I (Afamelanotide) is a synthetic analog of naturally occurring α-MSH. There are multiple types of melanin, so it’s important to increase the production of the right type.  The brownish-black pigment (eumelanin) is believed to convey protection from sun damage. Whereas the reddish, sulfur-containing pigment (pheomelanin) is often expressed in light-skinned individuals who report poor tanning and burning in response to sunlight. Melanotan I mimics the pharmacological activity of α-MSH, and activates the synthesis of eumelanin. Eumelanin provides photo protection through mechanisms including, but not limited to, the absorption and scattering of visible and UV light and antioxidant activity [via scavenging of harmful free radicals]. 

Want to learn more?    

Research Study: Effects of a superpotent melanotropic peptide in combination with solar UV radiation on tanning of the skin in human volunteers


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