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Peptide Spotlight: Growth Hormone Ipamorelin

Our pituitary gland produces a hormone called growth hormone (GH).  GH helps improve bone density, stop muscle wasting, decrease visceral fat, and increase metabolism. It may also improve deep sleep, increase energy, offset the effects of steroids, improve skin elasticity, and improve heart health. 

As we age, our pituitary gland still produces GH, but the rest of our body forgets to ask for it. 

If we take exogenous growth hormone, then we shut down our own production.   Growth Hormone peptides operate within the proper feedback loops of the body. This means that they DO NOT shut down the natural signaling pathways and have no negative long-term effects.  

Here’s a graph of how growth hormone decreases as we age.


Primary Benefit: Similar to growth hormone – increased metabolism and lipolysis (i.e. fat burning). It also improves deep sleep quality and skin elasticity. Restores vitality for people who aren’t getting ideal levels of growth hormone.


  • Increased muscle mass

  • Improved sleep

  • Enhanced cognition, focus and memory

  • Improved wound healing and injury repair

  • Increase bone density

  • Increased sex drive

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Optimized cardiovascular system

  • Improved skin tone

  • Amazing when used synergistically with MOD GRF (1-29);  it hits the growth hormone releasing hormone receptor, and the growth hormone secretagogue receptor

  • A synthetic growth hormone that stimulates the release of growth hormone in the body

  • Does NOT affect prolactin or cortisol

  • Also an effective muscle-building agent when used in combination with Tesamorelin

  • Amazing peptide for women to restore skin elasticity, deep wave sleep, and fat loss

Side Effects:   May experience tiredness, water retention, tingling in hands and feet, temporary irritation (redness and/or lumps) at the injection site.   May have flushing in the face for a few minutes after each injection. 

Doses: 20-40 per vial

Dosage:  5 days on, 2 days off per week, for up to several months, usually right before bed on an empty stomach.  Best for people over age 40.


Description: Ipamorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP). It activates the ghrelin receptor at the pituitary gland to block the inhibitory effect of somatostatin and further increase growth hormone secretion. Ipamorelin stimulates the production of pituitary gland-based expression of secretions related to growth. At the same time, the presence of the peptide has been shown to inhibit the production of a secretion known as somatostatin. Does NOT affect prolactin or cortisol. Additionally, it has been determined that Ipamorelin can boost the production of IGF-1, or Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. Its presence plays a key role in the overall growth and repair of muscular and skeletal tissue.

Want to learn more?    Ben Greenfield has an informative article on some of the GH peptides and their benefits.


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