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Peptide Spotlight: BPC-157

Heal Injuries Like Wolverine!

Primary Benefit: Heals soft tissue sprains, strains, ligament tears and broken bones. Repairs tendons, muscles, bones, brain, cornea, and intestine. BPC-157 acts systemically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, gastrointestinal cramps, and Crohn’s disease.  When taken orally BPC-157 helps with stomach issues.  When taken as an injection, it works systemically to heal the whole body! 

BPC-157, KPV, and TB500 are probably the best treatments for EMF-induced leaky-gut, leaky brain and dysfunctional gut-brain axis. TB500 is shown to directly repair EMF induced tight junctions dysfunction while BPC-157and KPV help maintain, protect and repair GI mucosal and Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) integrity.  Very synergistic effect when used together.

Dosage: 20 doses per vial. 1-2 times per day until your injuries are healed. Half-life of peptide is 4 hours. This does not have to be taken near the site of injury. Many people also take BPC for wellness, as prolonged use is safe.

Side Effects: Less than placebo if dosage is administered correctly.  

Warning: These peptides are banned by WADA for elite athletes who fall under that banner.

Description: BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound”, discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. Accelerated healing of many different wounds, including tendon-to-bone healing and superior healing of damaged ligaments.  Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide. It can also help to aid skin burns at a faster rate by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues. BPC-157 works by enhancing your own natural healing processes. It improves angiogenesis (the creation of blood vessels) in wounded and damaged areas, improving blood flow.

BPC-157 increases healing in multiple ways. It reduces the release of inflammatory mediators, interacts with prostaglandin pathways, modulates the release of nitric oxide, promotes new blood vessel formation and up-regulates growth factors. Capable of healing detached or disjoined Achilles tendon, as well as torn, crushed or damaged muscles.

Oral and systemic administration significantly improves varied cardiovascular issues by blocking many of the toxic effects from EMFs, including immune dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, excessive ROS, and by inhibiting the abnormal activation of voltage-gated gated calcium channels.  Improvements have been seen with heart failure, hypotension and hypertension, post MI cardiac damage, arrhythmias (shortens long QT interval), and vascular damage.

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