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Fluoride Toxicity and Symptoms

Fluoride is one of the things you should remove whenever possible.  Fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin, and has a 20-year half-life in the body.  It is toxic to the human body (brain, heart and bones) and is non-essential to human life. Fluoride has the same brain damaging effects as lead, mercury, arsenic, PCBs, and toluene. Fluorine acts as a developmental neurotoxin, capable of causing brain disorders like autism and ADHD.  It may reduce intelligence, impair your ability to learn and remember, and increase your chances of Alzheimer’s.

Fluoride is not bone and joint friendly. Long term consumption of fluoride leads to a condition called skeletal fluorosis. Fluorosis is often misdiagnosed for arthritis, which is then treated by drugs containing fluoride.  Irony, thy name is our medical system. 

What are the symptoms of fluoride toxicity?

It turns out that fluoride toxicity and hypothyroidism symptoms are exactly the same.  This is because fluoride blocks or uses up iodine and copper, among other nutrients needed by the thyroid. There are 182 symptoms in common between fluoride toxicity and thyroid issues! 

These symptoms may include: Acne, ADHD/Learning Disorders, Allergies, Alopecia, Alzheimer's Disease, Anemia, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Autism, Behavioral Problems, Birth Defects, Breast Cancer, Carpal Tunnel, Cataracts, Chest pain, and Chronic Fatigue.

And that’s just some of A through C!

Click this link for the full list.

Fluoride is found in:



Dental Floss

Black Tea

Green Tea

Non-stick Frying Pans

Stain-Resistant Carpets and Furniture

Tap Water

(There are NO studies which SUPPORT fluoridating our water supply)


In the USA, fluoride-based antifungals are used on grapes and dried fruits. When applied after harvest as a fungicide or preservative, fluoride does not have to be listed as an ingredient. In France, they put copper sulfate on the grapes used to make wine, and do not fluoridate the water supply. Another explanation for the French Paradox, perhaps? 


20-30% of all drugs sold contain fluoride, including some of the most well-known antidepressants and statins.    

Should you lose hope?  NO

At VIGEO, two statements describe the essentials of great health:

Add the nutrients that you need to optimize your health.

Remove the anti-nutrients that make you sick, fat, and unhappy.

The body is amazing, and is capable of detoxing from many things, given the right materials.  These include the micronutrients you need to complete all the essential chemical reactions in your body.   If you are suffering from some of the symptoms listed above, then you are still short of nutrients.  It can take time. Getting what you need is a delicate balancing act.  

If you would like to check your levels of Fluoride and other heavy metals? The Oligoscan measures intracellular levels of many minerals, vitamins, and metals. With this information we can help you target your nutrients and detox out what you don’t want. Schedule and Oligoscan today:

Want to do this by yourself? You can! We keep our nutrition guide on the website as current as possible. When we discover new concepts we add them! Health should be for everyone, whether you can afford to come see us or not.


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