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B Vitamins - Why do they matter SO MUCH?

Do you reach for an energy drink when your feel a slump in the afternoon?

Does the list of extra ingredients seem impressive?

What if instead they are just cheap? And TOXIC?

If you evaluate products based on their added vitamins, then you can often tell the quality and safety of the product just by looking at the B Vitamins. Let’s break them down.

The cheapest and most common forms of B vitamins are made synthetically in a lab. Many people have trouble converting these to usable forms. The synthetic forms can accumulate in your body, leading to anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, poor sleep, and ADHD.  


AVOID: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

BEST: Pyridoxal-5-phosphate


AVOID: Folic Acid



AVOID: Cyanocobalamin

GOOD: Methylcobalamin

BEST: Hydroxycobalamin or Adenosylcobalamin

It’s debatable if any amount of cyanide in cyanocobalamin is “safe”.

In this 5 Hour Energy ingredient label, the amount of vitamin B12 is over 20,000 times the RDA! That’s a lot of cyanide, and to safely excrete it, your body will have to use up other metals like zinc and magnesium.

Another important question is whether your body has the other raw materials it needs to convert these synthetic forms to usable forms. If not, they can cause the very side effects you are trying to get rid of!

Bottom Line?  The B Vitamins found in Red Bull, Monster and 5 Hour Energy Drinks are cheap, synthetic forms that a majority of the population cannot digest properly.   

The energy boost you get from the drinks is mostly from the caffeine.  You are far better off drinking a cup of coffee with real heavy cream, and leaving the rest of the chemicals and heavy metals.  

The same concept applies to cheap multivitamin bottles. In many cases, it’s better to take no vitamins at all, rather than opting for the cheapest option. This is why VIGEO recommends an Organ Supplement or real organ meats instead. Liver and other organs contain all the vitamins and minerals you need, AND in the form your body can use.


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