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Stage 2:  The Basics

The basics are pretty essential.  Your body needs 91 different vitamins and minerals.  These three products cover all the bases.  Trace minerals have minor amounts of many minerals that may be lacking in our diet.  Electrolytes like salt and potassium keep our body running smoothly.  Organ meats have bioregulator peptides, vitamins and other minerals which keep our own organs healthy.  

Organ Supplement

Forget multivitamins, and go for organ supplements.  These contain all the nutrients and minerals you need aside from Vitamin C, plus they have the magic ingredient: peptides.  If you don't know what peptides are, check our peptide page which explains why the are so amazing and how they can help you.

Liver and Organs:  Eating the actual organ meat is better than taking a multivitamin.  With the rare exception of Vitamin C, liver contains all the nutrients we need to thrive.  Amazing.  Just one serving of liver provides the nutrients of a whole weeks' worth of salad.  Go eat some liver and onions.  Liverwurst and Braunschweiger, too!  Or, try some desiccated liver chips, which are slightly more palatable.    Don't forget the other organs as well...your ancestors stayed healthy by eating the whole animals, not just the muscle meat in a steak.

Trace Minerals

Over 90% of people have excess calcium in their bodies.  You have probably heard the slogan “Got Milk?”   You also probably have absorbed the concept that bones contain calcium from this catchy ad campaign (paid for by the dairy council!).  What you may not realize is that bones contain 12 major minerals, along with more than 60 other trace minerals.   Calcium is perhaps the one thing that we almost always get enough of in food, whether we eat a lot of dairy or not. 


When minerals are out of balance or there is a shortage, the body must choose which functions to prioritize.  It may not be a surprise to hear that the body will always choose to prioritize the functions which keep you alive!  However, the non-optimized parts which now aren’t working can leave you feeling less than optimal.


  • Excess calcium leads to a deficit in magnesium and suppresses the adrenal gland.

  • Adrenal gland malfunction leads to a loss of sodium and potassium in urine.

  • Low potassium leads to thyroid problems and slow metabolism.

  • Low sodium leads to low stomach acid, heartburn and digestive issues.

  • Low stomach acid leads to less ability to digest protein and essential amino acids.

  • Low sodium also suppresses the cells’ ability to absorb amino acids and glucose

  • Cells are starved for glucose and amino acids, leading to cravings and increased food intake. 

  • Fat cells are the only places where glucose can be absorbed without sodium, leading to weight gain. 


Excess calcium and mineral imbalances cause multiple health problems, including obesity, heart disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes, anxiety, migraines, depression, dementia, and hypertension.  However, it turns out that sea water contains all the trace minerals in just the right ratios that we need in our bodies.   Isn’t our creator amazing?!


The war on salt by the government might have caused more harm than good for many people.  Salt is an essential nutrient, not a condiment.  The salt in your body is recycled many times over by your kidneys, meaning that you process 3 POUNDS of salt every day.  Whether you eat an extra teaspoon of salt in a day, is a drop in a bucket compared to that.   Salt DOES NOT affect high blood pressure.  Restricting salt can make blood sugar regulation worse, as well as cause dizziness, dehydration, weight gain, low blood pressure and cognitive impairment.  Add salt to your food, but use only sea salt or other UNREFINED salt.  Redmond Salt is mined in Utah and has lots of other minerals as well.  If salt tastes good to you, then your body is telling you that you need more of it.  Potassium is also important any most people are short of it as well.  If you take in too many electrolytes, you will excrete them, so it’s not dangerous.  If you are preparing to take iodine or feel like you are detoxing from heavy metals or other problems, consider adding extra electrolytes.    See Iodine section for more info.

(Multiple flavors and sizes available)

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