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Stage 1:  Heal the Gut

Health begins in the gut.  If your digestion is compromised, you can't absorb nutrients, you may have autoimmune issues, IBS, and leaky gut.  If you are constipated, you open the door for pathogens and parasites to stick around.  

Watch This First

This is a great little documentary about the importance of vitamins. movie/freescreening

BPC-157 Oral Peptide

Body Protective Complex 157 is an oral peptide which helps the stomach and digestive system regain optimal flow.  Peptides are chains of amino acids which link together to become proteins.  I recommend taking one capsule a day for several weeks, then one or two a week thereafter, or whenever you feel like you need a digestive reset.  I personally take them before and during my long races as they keep my stomach feeling happy.   More than anything else I have recommended to people, oral BPC-157 has had noticeable, beneficial gut effects.  Peptides are amazing and come in many more forms, Ben Greenfield has some great information about it linked below. 


Buy from VIGEO Health for $90.


Colostrum is the first milk produced by a mother after having a baby.  It is what helps a child develop a robust stomach culture and gut bacteria, plus coats the stomach to help with digestion.   For healing and repairing intestinal issues, this can be amazing.  Check out the article below for more info. I use bovine or goat colostrum before and during my long races for a happy tummy.

Digestive Enzymes

That bloated feeling after a big meal when food sits in your stomach for too long.  If heartburn, bloatin and acid reflux are a problem, then you might be short on the enzymes in your stomach which digest the food you eat.   Also, enzymes, if taken on an empty stomach (so not needed for digestion) help to heal the body and minimize scars, etc.   You will notice the high price on the link below, but also notice that these are much more powerful than a normal enzyme bottle.  When it comes to enzymes, the more the better.  The creator of this brand said he took 2000 of these pills in one day to make sure there were no ill effects.  Turns out the only side effect was that all the scars on his body got less noticeable!   Take some before or after a big meal to help an upset stomach.   If gluten is a special problem, they sell gluten enzymes too.   Supposedly Celiacs can take those and tolerate a wheat a little.


The first rule of digestion is never to get constipated.  Long term constipation might be a side effect of low iodine and copper, see Iodine and Copper sections. Chronic constipation can cause hemorrhoids, impaction, leaky gut, and just isn’t fun.  To prevent this, you can try several things.   First is drinking enough liquids and eating regular foods.  Your digestive bacteria increase and multiply according to your eating habits.  When you eat something new or strange, you may not have as much ability to digest the new food as quickly as your normal ones.  Bread and high-starch vegetables can definitely slow you down in that way, and high-fiber vegetables can sometimes cause the same problem.  Or maybe you aren’t eating enough fat consistently to keep the bile moving through your gallbladder, leading to lack of bile in your stomach to digest high-fat meals.  Second, try digestive enzymes, colostrum and/or a couple extra grams of Vitamin C, taken multiple times throughout the day.   Third, add some SloMag or more Vitamin C before bed.  Remember when I said there were forms of Magnesium that would give loose stools?   Magnesium Chloride is one of those, and if taken at bedtime, can help with regular bowels.   Fourth, some form of an herbal complex (like Dr. Schulze’s listed below) could be a consistent, long-term solution that doesn’t include harsh laxatives.


Causes of diarrhea can be complicated. If you have food sensitivities, try to boost your gut health by adding Oral BPC-157 and Colostrum. If you are missing your gallbladder, add some Ox Bile before meals to help digest fats. If you are nervous or stressed, some helpful tools can be prayer, meditation, a good friend to talk to, or a calm space. You might also try Diatomaceous Earth which can help regulate bowl movements and clean out the colon.


If you are inconsistent and sometime alternate between diarrhea and constipation, you may have liver and gallbladder stones (even/especially if you have had your gallbladder removed). In this case we suggest doing a liver cleanse. This is a great book with directions and education: The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. Here’s a podcast that’s short and sweet:

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