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White or Whole Wheat Bread?

White or Brown Rice?

When you are trying to be healthy when choosing foods, do you pick whole wheat over white bread? What’s the difference anyway?  

Whole grains are full of vitamins and minerals. However, whole grains are also coated with phytic acid, which binds those nutrients and prevents us from absorbing them.  

Traditional cultures know that seeds and grains have to be soaked before eating. If this process isn’t followed, the phytic acid blocks absorption and even depletes our body of nutrients.

Eating improperly prepared whole grains and seeds can lead to anemia, cavities, osteoporosis, and a slow metabolism. Unfortunately, this includes most of the processed food products we see in grocery stores today.

What’s the bottom line?

  1. “Whole” grains that have NOT been properly prepared can deplete you of minerals. (This includes most grocery store processed grains.)

  2. “White” grains with the hulls removed have a larger impact on blood sugar.  

Choose white over wheat if you don’t know how it’s been processed. It may be less bad for you in the long run.

Choose sprouted grains and breads if they are available! But read the labels…some foods say “sprouted” but only a small part of the ingredients are actually properly prepared.

Then consider learning how to soak or sprout your own grains! The process isn’t hard, but it does take some time. Start small and try just one type of grain!

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