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What is Grounding?

Most people love the thought of walking in the sand along a sunny, warm beach.  

But why is that?  

Along with the obvious answer than sunshine helps us produce vitamin D, being barefoot on the ground helps us get grounded.   Grounding (also called earthing) connects us to the frequency of the earth, and lets our body absorb free electrons.  

Grounding can lower inflammation, reduce pain, improve sleep, increase energy, and speed healing.  It can also improve your blood!

It’s winter out!  What can I do?

Too cold to stand outside barefoot?   You can get a grounding mat for your bed instead.  Dawn had one of these mats under her sheet for years.  Then one day she took it off while cleaning, and forgot to put it back on.  For 8 months!  I know, right?  During that accidental experiment, her sleep quality went down, she woke up more often at night, and she woke up less refreshed. Since putting the mat back on, her sleep quickly improved.  

There are multiple sizes and shapes of grounding mats for desks, beds, pets, etc on Amazon. Choose the one that suits your needs.

You could also try PEMF.   Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency mats magnify the frequencies of the earth and can accelerate healing of bones and injuries faster than normally possible.  Want to try it out?  Upgrade Labs in Riverton and other locations have PEMF machines.  Get a free tour and try it out!

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