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Weight Loss is NOT Linear

Sometimes the scale is not our friend.  We eat great for a couple of days, or exercise more than usual, and yet the scale goes up the next day.  What gives?  There are many factors which affect the number on the scale. 

Extra hydrated today? 

Expect to go up a pound or more.  

Did an extra hard work out and now you feel sore? 

Pain = inflammation = water retention = weight gain.

Constipated?  Food not flowing through as it should? 

It’s hard to lose weight if you can’t excrete toxins and excess food.  Get it moving to look and feel lighter again. 

Been starving yourself for a while? 

The body will hold on to everything it can because it’s afraid of not having enough. 

Dehydrated from a hot day in the sun? 

You could lose 3 pounds or more in a day…this is not fat loss, so drink liquids and electrolytes to get back to normal. 

Dawn’s journey with weight-loss peptides started in March with weekly Semaglutide. A month later, she moved to Tirzepatide every other week, and continued this through the middle of May. She followed cycles of feasting and fasting.  If she wasn’t hungry, she didn’t eat.  Her weight went down.  Then occasionally, during a weekend of camping with friends, or while doing some traveling, she would eat without restrictions. Her weight went back up but not as high as she had started.   Then another cycle of feasting and fasting.  The trend was progressively downward, even though, as you can see, there were occasionally 4-pound swings back upward in the middle.   Her weight has now stabilized at 133 while using peptides only occasionally. 

Takeaway?  Don’t eat the same amount of food the same way every day. Give your body a shock occasionally. Fast, then feast.  Workout hard, then rest.  Hydrate yourself well, then drink less.  Force your body to get creative, and in most cases, the response is weight loss! 


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