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Fasting Made Easy

Eating Seasonally. Changing Diets. New Foods. Eating More. Eating Less.

The body responds well to change.  

The Mediterranean Diet is touted as a really healthy choice. Why?

The best kept secret of the Mediterranean Diet is that the original population were Orthodox Christians. As part of their religion, they restricted foods or fasted up to 200 days a year!

So was it what they were eating that was so important? Or what they weren’t?

Intermittent Fasting. Daily Fasts. Weekly Fasts. What’s better?  

Easy answer? They all are. Letting our digestive system rest is healthy. It gives the body a chance to clean house, repair issues, use fat for fuel, and clean out toxins. Personally, Dawn tries to do at least a full week of fasting once a year! But you could start with skipping breakfast, skipping dinner, going a whole day, or restricting your daily eating window.

Fasting can be made easier by using a few tricks.  

It can take a few days for your brain to switch from using sugar to fat for fuel. During that time you can feel tired, lethargic, and slow. Drinking liquid ketones can help reduce hunger, feed your brain, and keep you going at a normal speed. They can also help you sleep, which can be affected by fasting.

Weight loss peptides can really control hunger pains and make you not want to eat or drink at times. You may not want to lose weight, but trying a one-time dose of Tirzepatide could make an extended fast feel really easy.

Worried about getting enough protein while fasting? While we don’t believe this is a real problem, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing with 5-10 grams of Essential Amino Acids daily.

Still need a little more guidance? Schedule a Follow-up Consultation and we can talk you through the process of how to start, enjoy, and break your fast!


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