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Are you a Mouth Breather?

Do you snore, have sleep apnea, wake up tired, or have a dry mouth in the morning? Those are some signs you might be breathing through your mouth, rather than your nose. Mouth breathing is a problem at night, but you are probably doing the same thing while you are awake, too! Pay attention to your breathing, and try to use your nose both during the day and at night.

Did you know that nasal breathing can raise your metabolism and help you lose weight?

Teach yourself to make a change with tape.  Start with just a few minutes and work up to a whole night. Eventually you won’t need it anymore!

Want to learn more?  This website says it better than I can, and is worth a glance:

Want some help?   Ed Harrold is a breath coach who can teach you to breath better, both during sleep and exercise.


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