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The Fun Stuff

Yes, balancing your nutrients should be a priority.  But sometimes you want to just run faster, feel more energetic, be more creative, or relax with friends.  Here's some ways to do that!


Bromantane is a exciting Nootropic which can help with physical and mental performance, brain function, immune health, and overall energy.   It was developed by Russia in the 1980s to give soldiers more stamina and energy for long days of training.   Bromantane is an actoprotector, meaning it is a class of compound which can boost physical activity, especially under extreme physical conditions.

Sorry, WADA athletes, but Bromantane is actually a banned substance for you because it actually does do the things it claims to do, which is provide an unfair advantage in races.  

The effects of Bromantane can last up to 11 hours, so it should be taken in the morning.   Ask us about getting a sample to see if you can benefit!

Glycine and Salt

James DiNicolantonio has a couple of good books out there, including one on how important salt is to our health.  In this podcast, he talks about using Glycine with Salt before a big race or exercise session to boost blood plasma levels.   The glycine helps us retain the salt better inside our body to prevent a bathroom emergency.   The salt raising blood plasma levels, can achieve up to 20 minutes longer duration of exercise at a higher effort level.  Need help?  Come talk to us at VIGEO Health to see if this is right for you.


Unlike cigarettes, which can have up to 7000 different carcinogens, nicotine alone has many health benefits, including for your brain.   Getting nicotine via patches or gum, rather than an instant cigarette hit, slows down the absorption to almost 20 minutes, making it less addicting.   Addictive personalities beware, it can still be habit forming!  Use sparingly, and only in the morning or early afternoon.  I chew 2mg gum, which is a tiny amount compared to a cigarette, but it’s good for long drives to stay awake, or a burst of creativity.


Kava is a drink which originated in the South Pacific, and been used there socially for centuries.  In fact there are probably more Kava bars than alcohol bars still today.  In larger doses, Kava can provide a slightly euphoric effect, yet it is not addictive and much safe than alcohol.  It can also be used to boost energy, improve athletic performance, and help with relaxation.   Ben Greenfield has several podcasts about Kava.  Buy pre-made drinks, or brew your own like a native.   I like to add a bit of heavy cream and stevia to cut the bitter flavor when sipping it with friends.

Exogenous Ketones

The Keto diet has made Ketones into a household word.   Yet the ability to buy liquid exogenous ketones has just been available in that last couple of years.   Those first products cost more than $30,000 each...lucky for us, the cost is now less than a cup of coffee.   Ketones can help with fasting, energy, brain health, and exercise.  With liquid ketones, your body can actually use two different fuels at the same time, ketones and glucose.   They taste pretty bad, but it's worth the grimace to check them out.​


This might be one of the few recommendations we give that you can't eat or drink!  The Oura Ring is a sophisticated measurement system, yet the technology fits into a ring and connects with an app on your phone.  It tracks sleep, exercise, heart rate, breaths per minute, body temperature, and heart rate variability, etc.  Dawn was wearing hers before and after getting a tooth pulled, and noticed that her breaths per minute while sleeping declined from 14 to 13 after the infection in her tooth was removed.    Body temperature will often rise the day before getting sick with a cold or flu, so the Oura Ring can act as an early warning system of immune problems.   Sleep tracking can help determine if that late meal or sleep aid is helping or hurting.    There's usually a $50 off coupon floating around the web if you want to try one of these out.

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